easter, Eggbox craft, hats, Recycle Reuse

Easter Bonnet


We have had some amazing Easter Bonnets over the years and some absolutely OTT! This year we opted to keep it simple with our egg box carton flowers (see previous post)  We had plenty of the painted up flowers and also we get to create another Craft Make Play craft with a recycle element which we all know is super important and the kids love it too!


  • bonnet (we picked ours up £1.50 at The Range)
  • egg  box cartons
  • hot glue gun
  • paint and brushes
  • scissors
  • ribbon 1m (cut to make 2 x 50cm lengths)


How to:

Start off by cutting our your flowers and petals from the egg box carton


Lay out your flowers and paint them and then leave to dry


Whilst your flowers are drying you can fix your ribbon using the hot glue gun to the inner sides of your bonnet


When your flowers are dry arrange and glue


WOW! you’re done and ready to hunt out those eggs!


easter, Eggbox craft, Recycle Reuse

Bunny Ears


I love crafty headwear and Easter is a fab time to celebrate this but this year we didn’t only opt to Craft Make Play the traditional easter bonnet we also created these super duper bunny ears, here is how…..


  • headband
  • egg box cartons
  • glue (also hot glue gun for that extra fixing!)
  • scissors
  • paint
  • card


How to:


Firstly fold your card, holding the A4 card portrait way round world the top edge down to the bottom edge, then cut out your bunny ears, we free cut ours but you could draw the shape out and then cut around take care not to cut the fold…the fold will go around your headband (see image above.

Glue ears together and in place on the headband, we also used some pink paper to add colour to the centre of the ears, you could colour in though if you prefer.

Next cut out the egg carton shapes, these can be roughly cut from the carton and then shape with your scissors into flower shapes, petals and small cup like shapes.

These are your flowers and will next be painted and allowed to dry.


Next is the positioning and gluing of the painted egg box flowers onto the band and to the ears. PVA glue can be used but takes time to fix and dry. If you have a hot glue gun this method is quick…we ent for speed!


Da da……

We love the bunny ears and hope you do too, next up is the bonnet ! See you soon xx